Protest Procedures

Protests and Requests for Redress shall be submitted on the NSC Protest form (MS Word or pdf format). These forms may be completed either electronically or by hand, and may be submitted either by e-mail to protests at nsc dot ca (preferred option), or dropped off at the NSC office. For protests submitted by e-mail, they are due by midnight on the day following the race in question. If dropped off at the club, they shall be initialed by an uninterested party with date and time of receipt and dropped off at the office before midnight on the day of the race in question. For up-river races, forms shall be submitted within seventy-two (72) hours of finishing.

For forms submitted by e-mail, they may be completed electronically (use the MS Word version), or completed by hand (use the pdf version), and then scanned, and sent as jpg or pdf attachments to protests at nsc dot ca. You may even wish to photograph the form and send it from your, or a friend’s, smart phone. It is recommended that the diagram be completed by hand, even if pages 1 & 2 are completed using MS Word. If the submitter does not have easy access to a scanner, then the form, without the diagram, may be completed and submitted by e-mail. In that case, the submitter shall bring 3 copies of the diagram to the protest/redress hearing.

For requests for redress and scoring inquiries that arise from the posted results, the deadline will be 3 days after the results are posted to the web. For example, if results are posted Tuesday evening, requests for redress or scoring inquiries must be submitted by midnight Friday. Scoring inquiries that cannot be independently verified by the RC will be referred to a redress hearing.

When a form is received, one of the protest coordinators will contact you to arrange a time for a hearing. You should receive acknowledgement that your form was received within 48 hours; if you do not receive such acknowledgement, please contact the Protest Coordinator or Fleet Captain without delay. Normally, hearings are held one week after the incident in question, following racing on that evening, at either NSC or BYC. See this page for more information on protest coordination. Protest committees normally consist of three members, typically with at least one member from NSC and one from BYC.

Questions or comments should be sent to the protest coordinators. Also, anyone interested in learning more about protest hearings, or interested in sitting on a protest committee, is invited to contact the protest coordinators.

Gerry McGrath & Hugh Morrin, 2016 Protest Coordinators.

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