Club Fleets

The Nepean Sailing Club has an active sailing community with one of the largest racing fleets in the country. Members sail a wide variety of boats from small dinghies and catamarans to large 36 foot yachts. Within the club there are several classes of boats. Some are ‘one design’ fleets in which the boats are nearly identical. Other fleets, such as the Keelboat PHRF and JAM divisions, contain boats of different types and use a handicap speed rating for results scoring.

Let’s Talk

Want to talk to someone about one of the fleets? Find the fleet representative in the Fleet Committee list and get their contact info from the NSC Bluebook. They will be delighted to talk to you. Non-members without Bluebook access, please contact the Fleet Captain.

Handicap Race Fleets

  • Women’s Fleet 1: Non-coached keelboats
  • Women’s Fleet 2: Coached keelboats
  • Keelboat PHRF Divisions 1, 2 & 3: PHRF (FS)
  • Keelboat JAM A, B & C: PHRF (NFS)
  • Catamarans (Portsmouth): Tornados, Hobie 16s, Nacras and other
  • Dinghies (Portsmouth): Albacores, Fireballs, 420s and other

Legend: (FS) Flying Sails, (NFS) Non-Flying Sails.

Note: fleet starts and division groupings are subject to change each year. Please consult the Sailing Instructions for the official list of fleets and classes.


C&C 27s

The C&C 27 is one of the Club’s largest one-design and PHRF keelboat racing fleets. There are 30+ C&C 27s at NSC with 10-12 boats out regularly racing in one-design; many also race on Tuesday night in PHRF, and a few race Thursday night in JAM.

An ideal racer and cruiser for the Ottawa river, the C&C 27 remains a classic Canadian sailboat and was one of the best production boats ever built by C&C Yachts. The C&C 27 is a masthead rig with a large overlapping Genoa and a high-aspect ratio mainsail. Downwind the large spinnaker is gybed end to end and can be launched from the fore hatch. The crew is typically comprised of 5-6 people; a helm, two middle and two foredeck hands.

For more information, see the Ottawa C&C 27 Fleet website.



The J/24 fleet is also one of the Club’s largest one-design fleets. As a popular competitive one design keelboat class, J/24 sailors have the ability to race in a multitude of regattas each year at local, national, continental, and world championship levels.

For more information, see the J/24 Canadian Class Association.



The J/22s are the latest one-design fleet on Lac Deschenes, introduced in 2021. They also participate in the local PHRF and non flying sail (JAM) fleets. The J/22 is a great racing class keelboat, with limited crew and maintenance requirements.

As they are relatively easy to tow, many of the local J/22 owners participate regularly in Provincial, Canadian, and North American level championship events. There are also international regattas (e.g., Midwinter, European, World, etc.) attended by NSC J/22 racers. The J/22 community warmly welcomes new members, and are always happy to discuss J/22 specifics.

For more information, see the J/22 Canadian Class Association on Facebook.


Martin 16s

A fleet of club owned Martin 16s form part of NSC’s ABLE Sail program for individuals with physical disabilities. As part of the program, a number of Able Sailors regularly train and participate in weeknight racing and national and international regattas. NSC is a designated Provincial Paralympic Training Centre and boasts world-ranked athletes. There are regularly up to 5 Martin 16s out for weeknight racing.

For more information, see the NSC ABLE Sail site and the Martin 16 Sailboat website.


Shark 24s

The Shark 24 is one of the Clubs popular one-design keelboats and numerous boats also race in the PHRF fleet. There are currently over 15 Sharks at NSC with 8-10 boats out regularly racing including boats from the NSC Sail Share program.

The Shark 24 is a tough 24 ft yacht which has stood the test of time. Having been designed as a planing keelboat it is very exciting to sail when the wind pipes up. Most boats are used for racing but it can be used for cruising. Numerous regattas including the World Championships are held each year. The race crew is typically comprised of 3 people.

For more information, see the Canadian Shark Class Association website.


Tanzer 22s

The Tanzer 22 is another of the Clubs large one-design and PHRF keelboat fleets. There are currently close to 40 Tanzer 22s at NSC with 8-10 boats out for regular racing.

One of the most successful models built by Tanzer Industries, the Tanzer 22 is a very versatile combined day sailor, small cruiser, and club racing boat. Masthead rigged with a large overlapping Genoa and spinnaker, the Tanzer 22 was designed for extraordinary reliability and stability in even the toughest conditions. Mass produced in the 70s, a used Tanzer 22 is highly economical and a popular entry level keelboat . The race crew is typically comprised of 3 people.

For more information, see the Tanzer 22 Class Association website.



The Albacore is the Clubs largest one-design double-handed dinghy fleet. There are currently 20 Albacores at NSC with 8-12 boats out regularly for dinghy racing, one of the largest Albacore fleets in Canada.

The Albacore is a fast and lively boat while being relatively easy to learn to sail and race. Swept spreaders supporting a tapered mast with a powerful vang and adjustable sail controls allow a crew to depower in high winds. A very versatile boat, it is often sailed by husband/wife and parent child combinations. The Albacore is a boat that is both simple to get into, and one which will challenge your tuning and tactical skills for the rest of your life.

For more information, see the Canadian Albacore Class Association website.



The Fireball is another of the Clubs active double-handed dinghy racing fleets. There are currently over 8 Fireballs at NSC with 4-6 boats out regularly for dinghy racing. Fleet members regularly travel to national and international regattas, and have even won the U.S. Nationals!

Originally designed in 1962, the Fireball is a one-design high-performance sailing dinghy. The Fireball is sailed by a crew of two, and sports a single trapeze, symmetric spinnaker and hard-chined hull. The class is strictly controlled, but has adapted to advances in building techniques. The performance of the boat is very dependent on tuning as the Fireball’s rig can be adjusted in numerous ways.

For more information, see the North American Fireball Association website.


International 505s

The International 505 is one of the Clubs main one-design dinghy racing fleets. There are currently 10 International 505s at NSC with 6-8 boats out regularly for dinghy racing, making it one of the largest 505 fleets in Canada.

The 505 is a double-handed dinghy that incorporates a light weight, high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze. The boat is unique in that it has outstanding performance in all conditions. In light air it is quick and responsive, and in breeze it just goes faster. Planing begins in 10 knots of wind. The class rules are One-Design, with the emphasis on controlling aspects that most directly affect boat speed.

For more information, see the Canadian 505 Class Association website.


Laser / Laser Radials

The Laser fleet has been active at the Club since the early days. There are close to 40 Lasers at NSC with boats regularly turning out for dinghy regattas and Master class (Adult) events.

The Laser is the “full rig” designed for adult sailors, usually adult males due to weight requirements to be competitive. The Radial uses the same boat, lower mast and boom, but a different mast top section and a smaller sail better suited to younger youth sailors, women, and lighter men. The Laser is a great all-round boat, simple, affordable, a blast to sail, and can be raced all the way to the Olympic level.

For more information, see the North American Laser Class Association website.


Youth Dinghies

NSC’s Youth Racing Team and Learn To Race compete in several other youth-oriented one-design dinghies in addition to the Laser and Laser Radial. The Sail Training Center owns a modern fleet of over 60 boats available to program participants to spread the joys of sailing and racing. These include O’Pen BICs, RS Fevas, and Club 420s, designed to aid in the growing and learning process.

For more information, see the NSC Sail Training Center site.


Keelboat PHRF

NSC has a large and active Keelboat PHRF-FS (with spinnakers) racing fleet of approximately 30 boats. When combined with other keelboats in the area for weeknight racing, the fleet is split into separate divisions. By coached and non-coached boats for Monday Womens racing, and by their PHRF-FS handicap for Tuesday PHRF racing. Participating club boats range in type and size from 20-footers to boats over 30′, and include many of the one-design keelboats from above.


Keelboat JAM

NSC has a popular and large growing Keelboat PHRF-NFS (without spinnakers, or “Jib And Main”) racing fleet of over 40 boats. The fleet is also split into 3 separate divisions by handicap for weeknight racing. The Keelboat JAM fleet is a great way for both newer sailors to learn, and experienced Keelboat racers to compete in a more relaxed race format or when they eventually purchase that large family cruiser. Participating boats range in type and size from CS 22s to a C&C 35 and include some of the one-design keelboats from above.

The club’s weeknight Keelboat PHRF and JAM fleets combined form the largest PHRF registered club fleet in the country.


Catamarans (Portsmouth)

NSC has a popular and growing fleet of Catamarans of both older designs, and the latest performance designs. The current fleet totals over 25 and includes Tornado ‘Classics”, Tornados with Spinnaker, Hobies, Nacras, and other designs. The club’s Tornados, a former Olympic class boat, are believed to be the largest club fleet in North America. Racing together as a single Catamaran fleet, scoring results are equalised using Portsmouth Handicap ratings.

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