Race Registration

All boats intending to compete in any NSC or BYC hosted events must complete a Race Registration form. Boats racing PHRF must pay a $44 (+ HST) PHRF certificate fee ($40 if paid by April 24th – see below). Owners must commit to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance. Also, by registering for the NSC racing program, the skipper and crew accept responsibility to perform Race Committee duties.

NSC members should use the NSC online portal to register. If you have issues with the portal, this user guide for online registration may help.

If you are unable to use the online portal, download a generic Race Registration form (pdf or MS Word format), sign it, and submit to the office with your mooring payment. If payment is made on-line, the form may be scanned and e-mailed to Race-Registration at nsc.ca.

All boats intending to compete in any PHRF fleet must have a current PHRF certificate. Click here for info on obtaining a PHRF certificate. Normally a boat keeps the same PHRF handicap for the entire season; if changes are required mid season, read this.

Since 2008, doing Race Committee Duty has been a requirement and condition of racing. Racers who have not fulfilled their RC commitments in previous years may not be registered until they sign up for RC duty. Please note the expectation that regular crew should be members of the club.

Racers should note that the Sailing Instructions require them to race with the sail number with which they register. Using different numbers creates lots of problems for the RC and can only be accepted on a temporary basis.

Occasionally the question arises, “Why can’t I sail on Tuesday nights with my JAM handicap?” For an answer to this question, please click here. Another question that comes up regularly is “Can I just join in without registering?” The short answer is “no” — read why.

Most race registration forms are submitted well before the start of the season, and lists of registered keelboats and dinghies are available on this page in early May. Thereafter, race registrations and PHRF applications are processed as they are received. Plan on a 2-week turn-around time for processing of race registrations. If you’re inclined to procrastinate, read this.

CVGR boats, read this page.

For more information, send an email to Race-Registration at nsc.ca.

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