Regatta Organisation

The purpose of this page is to provide support information for Volunteer Regatta Organisers at NSC.

NSC’s Regattas are organized by teams of volunteers with support from Club staff. Getting involved in a regatta is a great way to enjoy the social aspect of NSC, as well as contribute to welcoming both local and out-of-town sailors. There are lots of opportunities to volunteer, with work you can do from home or at the club, as well as commitments from as little as 2 hours per event. If you are interested in lending your time to help with one of NSC’s regattas  please email fleet at

For more info on our local events, see:

References for Regatta Organisers

  • Sail Canada Race Management page.
  • Sail Canada ‘Find an Official’ page.
  • OSA Regatta Organisation Page.
  • NSC Regatta Support Files on folder, including:
    • Detailed Guide for NSC Regatta Organisers – March 2012
    • Operations Procedure for NSC Hosted Events – March 2012
    • Standard NSC Clauses for Regatta NOR’s – April 2016
    • NOD Sponsorship Guide – December 2015 (this is specific to the NOD Regatta, but provides great guidelines for managing Sponsorship for NSC regattas)
    • Presentations from 2009 Workshop on Regatta organisation covering Team, Budget, Sponsorship, On Shore Support, PRO, and Marketing  – the material is still relevant, today!
    • Regatta Safety Policy
    • NSC-Expense Claim Form

Regatta Specific Folders

This is a living database. Notes for the regatta specific files: Not everything from each year needs to be uploaded, but we leave it up to the regatta chair to use their judgement on what should be stored here. It is encouraged for regatta chairs to think about posting files that will not only help the efficiency of their successor, but also that of Chairs of other NSC regattas. Send files to the Fleet captain for posting and we will set up a link to the folder below.

Specifics for Race Officials:

Information for Scorers:

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